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California Hemp Market Briefing Speakers

3-One-Hour Webinars over 3-Days

Monday to Wednesday April 27 to 29, 2020

10:30 AM to 11:30 AM Pacific Time



Kristen Nichols, Reporter, Hemp Industry Daily

Kristen is a Denver-based reporter for Hemp Industry Daily specializing in the hemp and CBD industries. Previously, she worked at the Associated Press for nearly 20 years. She started covering the marijuana legalization movement in 2009 - when medical stores started popping up around Denver - and wrote about the state's first legal hemp harvest. Kristen also covered agriculture and politics in Maryland and her home state of Georgia.


Lawrence Serbin, President, Hemp Traders

Lawrence Serbin has been in the hemp industry for 28 years. From 1991-1992 I he was the national director of the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH). He has run his own hemp textiles company (Hemp Traders) from 1993 to present. He has developing hemp particleboard since 2004 and in 2018 started the company Cannagrove to grow, manufacture and sell engineered wood products from industrial hemp in the United States. He has been on the board of directors of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) since 2010 and served as the President from 2016 - 2018. Lawrence is the current chair of the California Hemp Advisory board for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.



Brian Webster, Founder, CA-Hemp

Brian is a consultant, community organizer and event producer focused on the California Hemp Industry. His firm CA-Hemp helps agriculture, processing, wholesale and retail businesses to achieve their strategic goals. He is the producer of the California Hemp Expo, the Southern California Hemp Conference, and the California Hemp Investment Forum, as well a founding partner of the Hemp Investment Group.



Kevin Nowell, Farmer Relations, Hilo Seed Co

Kevin Nowell is a California-based hemp educator, hemp expert and certified organic vegetable farmer who heads HiLo's Farmer Relations department. As such, he works with a wide range of hemp farmers - everyone from folks buying hemp seed for the first time to those with plants already in the ground through post-harvest. Kevin's farm operations have been certified organic since 2014 and last year Kevin grew a successful certified organic hemp crop in California. Through extensive continuing education opportunities Kevin has acquired a wealth of knowledge about soil health, plant health, and all things hemp


Ollie Danner, Founder and CEO, HempAccess.com

Ollie Danner is the founder and CEO of HempAccess.com - Connect. Learn. Review. located in Kern County California. The Hemp Access Network is a national online hemp business platform providing qualified lead and networking opportunities to its members. Businesses and consumers can review products and learn from industry leaders about the latest hemp trends and news. Hemp Access Network provides the ability to quickly receive quotes from reputable companies. Hemp Access also organizes and manages Hemp Meet and Grow events throughout the country, which has become a valuable networking and outreach platform for the hemp industry. Ollie is committed to developing the hemp industry by using technology to connect the best hemp companies with their best qualified business prospects. He is an experienced SEO, sales and marketing consultant for 30 years with an emphasis on sustainable projects and is also on the board of several hemp consortiums.



Daniel Garcez, AFIS, CD Simonian Insurance Agency

Daniel Garcez is an insurance professional with a proven background in strategic marketing, business development, and insurance portfolio management. Since 2015, Daniel has developed insurance and risk management portfolios for cultivators, processors, manufacturers, cannabis retailers, and testing laboratories. With a degree in Business Finance and over 15 years of cannabis-related work experience, he considers his major strengths to be industry exposure and cost analysis, compliance, implementation of risk management and policy procedures, and performance evaluation. Daniel is committed to the sustainable development the California hemp industry. He is focused on industry trends, legislative updates, and insurance product development. His has the professional resources to help business executives who want to be current on the importance of securing capital expenditures, intangible assets and managing risk through insurance options.



Jean Johnson, California Outreach Director, Vote Hemp

Jean Johnson is the California Outreach Director for Vote Hemp. She works to educate and influence policy makers, farmers, businesses and the public about the benefits of hemp. She is a go-to expert on hemp policy issues at the California county and state level. Jean is passionate about the role hemp has to play in promoting sustainability and new economic opportunities. She is a contributing writer to HempAccess.com Jean is experienced in strategy, business development and marketing. For many years she worked in the wireless and tech industries. Jean lives on the central coast of California.


Christopher Boucher, CEO Farmtiva

Chris Boucher is a California hemp farmer and CEO of Farmtiva Inc. Farmtiva a hemp seed selling, breeding and hemp flowers in San Diego CA. He travels the country speaking and consulting on behalf of agricultural hemp, and the new American hemp industry. Boucher is widely recognized as one the preeminent figures in the American Industrial Hemp movement. His he helped co-authored "Hemp CBD is Legal in All 50 States" back in 2012. This was instrumental in kick starting the US Hemp CBD industry into a billion-dollar industry as of today. In 1992, with the goal of reestablishing and solidifying an American hemp industry, Boucher organized and co-founded the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), In 1994, Boucher established the first legal hemp research field, since hemp had been legally grown in the US in fifty years. Boucher has grown hemp in several Countries including China Poland Hungary Romania and US. Chris has also helped draft and promote hemp legislation, some resulting in the first hemp agricultural laws in California, Colorado between 1994 - 2017.


Patrick Goggin, Senior Attorney, Hoban Law Group

Patrick Goggin is a Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group. He has waged battle on the frontlines of industrial hemp and general cannabis reform for two decades. Patrick led the hemp industry effort with Senator Mark Leno in 2013 to pass California's Industrial Hemp Farming Act. He is an expert on hemp business law, policy and regulation in California and nationally. He sits on Vote Hemp's board and is working to implement hemp research in California. Patrick serves as general counsel for the newly formed California Hemp Council and is a leader in industry efforts to implement hemp farming and processing in California. Hoban Law Group is a nationwide full-service business-oriented law firm serving the cannabis and hemp industry exclusively. Additionally, Hoban Law Group delivers its cannabis and hemp industry services around the globe.


Joy Beckerman, Principal, Hemp Ace International

Joy Beckerman is the Principal at Hemp Ace International, a Seattle-based consulting, legal support, and expert witness firm serving the global community; as well as the Regulatory Officer & Industry Liaison for Elixinol™ , an international leader in superior quality hemp extract and CBD products; Co-Founder and Senior Advisor to Colorado Hemp Works, America's first post-prohibition hemp grain processing facility; and host of the popular podcast Hemp Barons. She is Vice President of the U.S. Hemp Authority which created the first independent, third-party verified Certification Program for the hemp dietary supplement, food, and cosmetic industries. Joy is a renowned public speaker on hemp market issues throughout North America,



Nicholas Stromberg, Founder, Beacon Hemp

Nicholas Stromberg founded Beacon Hemp in 2019, an industrial hemp breeding and seed production company specializing in feminized seed, high and rare cannabinoids, day-neutral, and co-product cultivars. Nick is a cannabis plant breeder and horticulturalist from Northern California. He attended UC Davis receiving a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Horticulture and a Master's degree in Horticulture and Agronomy. He has been growing Cannabis since 2006 and breeding high CBD chemovars since 2012 under California's Proposition 215. In 2016 Stromberg began growing, selecting, and breeding hemp at acreage scale under Oregonian hemp regulations. In addition to his work in industrial hemp, he has worked as a collaborator with Steep Hill Labs in genomic analyses method development and as Director of Horticulture for several medical and recreational Cannabis companies, including CannaCraft and its affiliates.


Justin Benton, CEO, 101 Hemp

Justin Benton is CEO of 101 Hemp which specializes in retail, wholesale and bulk cannabinoid extract production. 101CBD.org is a platform to educate and get Raw cannabis products in the hands of everyone who wants to try it. 101CBD.org offers Raw Sublingual CBD oils in several concentrations and flavors for a wide variety of needs, as well as other Raw CBD topical products. His mission is to educate the world about the misunderstood hemp-cannabis plant and expand their product line up and down the 101 Highway from Southern California to Seattle, WA and around the world.



John McFarland, SVP Worklogic & Greenleaf HR

Greenleaf HR is a cannabis and hemp human resource management company headquartered in Central California. With two decades of experience, Greenleaf HR professionals help serve the human resource management needs of a variety of hemp-based companies across the country. Greenleaf HR helps clients stay compliant with state and federal human resource & payroll laws, as well as managing personnel


Robert Selna, Attourney, Selna Partners

Rob's legal practice revolves around cannabis/hemp and real estate businesses. He specifically advises cannabis/hemp clients on licensing, regulatory matters and legislation, entity formation, contracts, real estate transactions, litigation and taxes. National and local media frequently quote Rob in news articles about cannabis and real estate and he speaks at national and international forums on a range of issues. As an advocate for sensible cannabis regulations and the development of sound cannabis industry standards, Rob has taken a leadership role in cannabis industry organizations. He serves on the Facilities Design Committee of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and presents information about cannabis and hemp regulations at NCIA conferences and other industry events. He is a member of Cal NORML and the International Cannabis Bar Association. In addition, he serves as Continuing Legal Education faculty regarding cannabis legal issues.


Bret Barrow

California Hemp Council

Chief Legislative Advocate, California Hemp Council

Mr. Barrow has been registered as a California state lobbyist for over 27 years and has represented the interests of municipal and public utility districts, irrigation districts, joint powers agencies, water districts and local agencies before the Legislature and California’s regulatory and administrative agencies. He also previously managed all legislative, regulatory and communications activity in six western states on issues related to healthcare and manufacturing.


Greenleaf HR is a cannabis and hemp human resource management company headquartered in Central California. With two decades of experience, Greenleaf HR professionals help serve the human resource management needs of a variety of hemp-based companies across the country. Greenleaf HR helps clients stay compliant with state and federal human resource & payroll laws, as well as managing personnel